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Apartment, 13100 Nacka. Well-planned and well-planned retirement homes in addition to the usual with particularly expensive materials.

Well-planned and well-planned retreat houses, in addition to the usual, very expensive materials (granite floors, brick walls and paved walls, lots of glass and stainless steel).
Large kitchen with 360 cm ceiling height.
Washing machine, dishwasher, fridge / freezer with cold water and ice maker, hot air induction cooker, microwave with grill function.
Sleeping loft with 180-bed and fully integrated wardrobe.
Modern bathroom with shower.
Angled TV with the possibility of satellite TV, which can be seen from both the kitchen and living room.
Thick, well-insulated walls in Ytong, cellulose insulation in ceilings and floor tiles, heat pump / AC and underfloor heating provide very good energy performance.

The house also has a 20 sqm stone-built terrace on its own secluded part of the plot, private access and parking.

All operating costs are included in the rent.

Facts and Details
- Dishwasher
- Washing machine
- Shower
- Balcony
- Ground floor
- Parking

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