Terms of usage

Terms of usage

When using any of the services provided by Hyrenbostad.se you also have to accept the terms of usage. By using Hyrenbostad.se you also automatically accepts the terms. Accepting the terms is a binding agreement between you and Hyrenbostad.se.

The terms of usage are legally according to current laws.

Rules for advertising

Hyrenbostad.se does not allow texts which are hostile, explicit or discriminating against people or companies and so on. Hyrenbostad.se has the right to delete or edit any part of texts published on Hyrenbostad.se.

Advertising for other products or websites are not allowed.

Hyrenbostad.se does not allow creating duplicate entries of the same ad. Also it is not allowed to advertise apartments or rooms which oly can be rented by other companies.

Rules for information published on Hyrenbostad.se

User logins are personal and it is not allowed to sell, give away or share logins.

All information published on Hyrenbostad.se are protected by copyright.

It is not allowed to reuse or republish information on Hyrenbostad.se. Copying data or crawling information for use in another company is not allowed. Images, phone numbers or other ways of contacting the property owner are protected by copyright too.

Data security

All servers for storing information are located inside TDC hosting facilities in Aarhus (Denmark).

Personal information

Information you share with Hyrenbostad.se are kept safe and will not be sold or shared with other companies without your accept. You are responsible for keeping your personal information and contact details up to date at all times.

Online payments

All payments are done using an encrypted data connection between Hyrenbostad.se and the payment gateway. No card data will be stored by Hyrenbostad.se.

Purchase of products

When you buy any product on Hyrenbostad.se it is related to getting extra information. Therefore you cannot return the product after buying it. Hyrenbostad.se cannot be held responsible for the user terms of landlord websites. Therefore, refunds are not possible based on terms of those websites. If you have any questions regarding purchase please contact customer service.

Newsletters and other e-mails

Hyrenbostad.se are allowed to include commercials in e-mails we sent to you. You will only receice e-mails from us based on your e-mail settings on the website. We will not give your e-mail to any other companies.

Support or complains

If you need any help please contact customer service about support or complains.


Hyrenbostad.se are not responsible for any loss due to hardware crash, power failure, change of laws, terror, war, computer virus, hacking, strike, boycott or any other circumstances which are not in the hands of Hyrenbostad.se.

If you don't follow the rules Hyrenbostad.se can delete your user without any notice.

The sending of e-mails as well as subscribing and unsubscribing

When you create a user account on Hyrenbostad.se, you agree to receive emails from Hyrenbostad.se, including e-mails on relevant rental properties, service emails and deals. E-mails can be canceled via links in the bottom of the mails you receive or via the "My Account" when you're signed into Hyrenbostad.se

Change of terms

Hyrenbostad.se can change the terms of usage at any time without further notice. Last update was made 23th of July 2012.